The gang that couldn't shoot straight

No, I’m not talking about the bunch of Corruptocrats in Chicago (this time, at least), but the bunch of mostly Republicans who mismanaged the McCain campain.

According to reports here and here from Fox5 in Washington, DC, the station purchased two Blackberry units from the McCain campaign. The organization had announced in an e-mail to staffers that it was selling off computers, office equipment and other items as it winds down operations.

Some of the items wound up in the hands of reporters. One journo at the Fox affiliate acquired a Blackberry and was suprised to discover that it was still loaded with what was supposed to be confidential campaign information such as private cell phone numbers, e-mails and the like. So a second Blackberry was purchased, and the news staff found it to contain more than 260 contacts full of personal emails, phone numbers and addresses for McCain supporters.

One of the contacts the reporters called said:

“They should have wiped that stuff out. Given the way the campaign was run, this is not a surprise.

Anyone who observed how the McCain campaign mismanged their vice presidential candidate will certainly not be shocked by its sloppiness with matters of data security . One can only imagine what was on the hard drives of the computers Team McCain sold. These people, some of them at least, are to political campaigns what Barney Fife was to law enforcement.

– JP