PACs 4 Palin

Sarah Palin has some new blessings to be thankful for over the Thanksgiving holidays.

Earlier this week, the America Deserves Better PAC uveiled its promised television ad saying “thank you” to Alaska’s governor. Basically, its a video thank-you note, with a number or ordinary-looking folks offering their thanks to Palin for all she’s done. Nice sentiments, but not very imaginative production techniques. It comes in both thirty second and one minute versions.

Now another 527 has its own ad up and running in honor of the Republican Party’s first female vice presidential candidate. The new sixty second spot from the Freedom Defense Fund is a photo montage of images with an excerpt from Gov. Palin’s acceptance speech at the GOP convention as the soundtrack. The images start off in black and white, with only the American flag shown in color, then they morph into full color at the end. Again, nothing spectacular here, but the overall effect is a positive one, with all the patriotic warm and fuzzy feelings conjured up.

The PAC has made cable buys in New Hampshire, Iowa and Alaska for its ad and, according to executive director Todd Zirkle:

“Sarah Palin has demonstrated a commitment to traditional values, capitalism and supporting the troops that defend our freedom. This ad campaign and the virtual thank you card on our website are to recognize that Sarah Palin is a leader in the conservative movement and embraces the political values central to our American way of life.”

Visit the Freedom Defense Fund website to view the ad.

As if these televsion ads weren’t enough to keep Gov. Palin’s name in the national political conscious, a new internet radio program made its debut this week. Jon McCaslin of the Washington Times informs us via his Inside the Beltway column:

The program, which launched Monday (“Sarah Palin Appreciation Day,” coincidentally, as declared by the National Federation of Republican Women), is aired over the WS Radio network, the California-based world leader in Internet talk radio.

LaDonna Hale Curzon, the program’s executive producer, recalls how Ronald Reagan “kept his name alive” after his 1976 loss to Gerald Ford by doing a weekly radio program. She thinks the idea would work for Gov. Palin, also, and says:

“The governor will have a very dedicated, built-in audience anytime she wishes to come on the air.”

You can download and listen to the weekly hour long program here.

As much as many on the left and a few on the right wish Sarah Palin would just go away, her loyal supporters and the new television and radio campaigns are signs that she’s here to stay.

– JP