Sarah to campaign for Saxby

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will take time off from her work of preparing the operating and general FY09 budgets for her state (due December 10) and travel to Georgia to campaign with Saxby Chambliss, according to the incumbent Senator.

Columbus, GA television station WRBL reports that Palin will make four campaign appearances with Chambliss December 1:

Governor Palin will join Saxby for four public rallies across the state on Monday, December 1st: 8:30 am in Augusta; 11:00 am in Savannah; 1:30 pm in Perry; and 4:00 pm in north metro Atlanta. More specific details on exact locations and how to obtain tickets will be available later this week.

Chambliss is in a close runoff election battle with Democrat Jim Martin. Georgia voters will go to the polls December 2 to determine the outcome. Sen. Chambliss says that he’s thankful for the help from the former vice presidential candidate:

“I was thrilled when I got the call that Governor Palin would be able to make the trip to Georgia to campaign with me the day before the runoff election,” Saxby said. “Julianne and I are honored that she would take the time to travel to Georgia to tell everyone how important this election is and I know that she will receive an enthusiastic welcome everywhere we go.”

Palin demonstrated her ability to turn out large, enthusiastic crowds at rallies on the campaign trail as John McCain’s running mate. If she can do the same in Georgia for Chambliss, it just might help the senator win re-election. A victory for Saxby with Sarah’s help will only enhance her own future political prospects.

UPDATE: Thanks to a heads-up from Erick, the exact times and addresses of the four venues where Palin and Chabliss will campaign together can be found here.

– JP