Gallup: Republicans Prefer Palin for 2012

In a survey of Republicans and political independents who “lean” toward the GOP to determine which prospective candidates they would and would not like to see run for president in 2012, Governor Sarah Palin tops the list of those receiving positive responses. Gallup conducted the poll Nov. 5-16.

Gov. Palin had the highest percentage of “would like to see run” responses at 67% and the lowest percentage of “would not like to see run” responses at 30%.

According to the Gallup poll:

Seventy-three percent of Republicans who describe their political views as “conservative” would like to see Palin run in 2012, significantly more than any other candidate.

69% of liberal and moderate Republicans, on the other hand, favored Romney over the other potential candidates. Among this latter group, Palin (48%) was ranked third, behind Romney (59%) and Rudy Giuliani (50%).

This is the second poll in a row this month in which Palin fared very well among her fellow Republicans. In a Rasmussen poll released November 7, Palin was the top choice among Republican voters (64%) to be the GOP 2012 presidential nominee. 69% of Republican voters in the Rasmussen survey said Palin helped John McCain’s bid for the White House, and only 20% of GOP voters said she hurt the party’s ticket. 91% of Republicans in the Rasmussen study had a favorable view of Palin, opposed to only 8% who have an unfavorable view of her.

It’s always interesting to get feedback about who will be at the top of the pyramid four years out. I’d like to see some poll questions focused on which players in the GOP sandbox will win friends and influence voters in the critical elections of 2010.

– JP