David Letterman is a jerk

Okay, you knew that already, right? Call me Captain Obvious. So where’s the news? It seems that the overpayed late night host had See-BS anchor Katie Couric as a guest Thursday night, and in the conversation between these two media giants Sarah Palin’s name came up. Letterman couln’t resist sharing:

Essentially out of nowhere, here she is, can’t name a newspaper, wants to be vice president, the first vice-presidential candidate that I found myself being aroused about.

In that one sentence, The Jerk (Dave, not Katie. See-BS has so many jerks that it’s work to keep them sorted out) proved himself wrong in three ways:

(1) Palin didn’t come out of “nowhere.” She came out of Alaska, a state we depend on for 20% of our oil and what will be an increasing share of our natural gas over the next few decades.

(2) Sure, she can name a newspaper. She knows and reads her hometown paper (The Frontiersman) and her state’s largest paper (the Anchorage Daily News). Gov. Palin knows that last one very well, because as a liberal rag in a conservative state, it has a record of being very critical of her. She can name other papers, including the New York Times, but I doubt that she reads that one as it is written for and by liberal elites. The fact is, Palin was so miffed that Couric would ask her such a question, one which Katie didn’t ask of Obama, Biden or even John McCain when she interviewed them, that the governor chose not to answer it. Instead she informed Couric that yes, they get newspapers way up there in Alaska. They also have automobiles, cell phones and all sorts of way-kewl things.

(3) Of Dave being “aroused” by Gov. Palin, Mary Matalin told Greta Van Susteren:

It’s just sort of creepy in that high school-boy way. You’re from the Midwest. Your mom said that boys that are talking aren’t getting any. It kind of creeped me out in that way.

It is indeed creepy. Dave’s arousal is no creepier than, say, the thrill that Barack Obama sends up Chris Matthews’ leg, but a solid 8.9 on the Creep-O-Meter nevertheless.

– JP