Who in the GOP is really targeting Palin?

In a guest post on The Moderate Voice, Floyd and Mary Beth Brown argue:

Those knifing Palin are the old-guard Republicans who don’t want to see her as the nominee in 2012. The old-guard GOP candidates are likely Gov. Haley Barbour or former Gov. Mitt Romney.

I disagree. I haven’t seen any compelling evidence that either Gov. Barbour or former Gov. Romney want to take Sarah Palin out of the political picture, and the authors don’t offer any.

There may be a few Romney supporters who have it in for Gov. Palin, but I would have to be convinced that Mitt knows what they could be up to and that he wouldn’t disown them if he did. As for Haley Barbour, he’s a Reagan conservative and shares that political philosophy with Sarah Palin. Mississippi’s governor has never shown anything but admiration, approval and support for Palin.

Far more likely suspects can be found among those who do not ascribe to Ronald Reagan’s principles, methinks. Look to those Republicans who think and act like Democrats, and there you will find the ones who have it in for Palin and want to get her out of the way of their own “move left” agenda for the GOP.

Other than where to lay the blame for the scheming against Alaska’s governor from within her own party, I agree with what the authors have to say. I especially like the similarities they see between Palin and Ronald Reagan, as well as between Palin and another great conservative lady:

Looking back at history, you see resemblances of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in Palin. Both Thatcher and Reagan were dismissed and insulted by their own party stalwarts. “Useful idiot” was a term once leveled at President Reagan.

Palin hails from Wasilla, Alaska; Margaret Thatcher grew up in the apartment over her family’s grocery store in a small town in England. Thatcher’s father taught her never to do things because other people were doing them. He said, “Do what you think is right and then persuade others to follow you.” Like Thatcher, Palin’s political philosophy and economic policies emphasize reduced government intervention, free markets and entrepreneurialism.

Margaret Thatcher was willing to take a hard line and earned the nickname “Iron Lady” for her tough-talking rhetoric defiantly opposing the Soviet Union. Likewise, Palin is tough enough to stand up to present-day threats. While Thatcher earned the moniker of ‘Attila the Hen,” Palin calls herself a “Pit-bull with Lipstick” and others dub her “Sarah Barracuda.”

Human, likeable, personable and witty like Reagan, with loads of common sense and confidence, Sarah Palin lives what she believes. And the camera loves her as it loved Ronald Reagan.

Indeed, the former vice presidential candidate is the real deal for Reagan conservatives. The coming months will determine how well she will be able to network with the other young conservative guns and if older conservative warriors such as Haley Barbour and Fred Thompson will mentor them. If this happens, the GOP, like Gov. Palin, has a very bright future.

– JP

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