The drag on the ticket in PA

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The drive-by Obamunist media and pollsters are trying to convince us that Sarah Palin is a “drag” on John McCain’s presidential ticket.

Meanwhile local televeision station WNEP, located in Joe Biden’s hometown of Scranton, PA, reports on the visits of the two vice presidential candidates to nearby Williamsport on the same day (emphasis mine):

There is excitement in the air in Williamsport. Thousands of fans of both vice presidential hopefuls, Democrat Senator Joe Biden and Republican Governor Sarah Palin, are cheering on their favorites in Williamsport.

An enthusiastic crowd was on hand at Lycoming College to hear Democratic vice presidential hopeful Senator Joe Biden.

It all started around 2 p.m. at Lycoming College’s Lamade Gymnasium on Mulberry Street. Several hundred people packed the gym for a opportunity to show their support for the Obama – Biden ticket.


As Biden was speaking at Lycoming College, Republicans were filing into Bowman Field, just a few miles away. That’s where Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will speak at about 7 p.m.

At least 10,000 tickets have been given out to see the Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Joe Biden can only draw a few hundred people in his old stomping grounds, while Sarah Palin attracts thousands in the same town on the same day?

Who’s the real ticket-dragger?

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