About that $150,000...

About that $150,000 that the RNC spent for campaign appearances sake on Clan Palin…

The liberals and their captive media outlets, MSDNC in particular, have been howling like lonesome coyotes over it. They don’t seem to think that the $5 Million and change that was spent to move Barack Obama’s acceptance speech from Denver’s Pepsi Center to Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium was in any way aa audacious as dropping a mere $150K on Gov. Palin and her family. Okay, we can play that game. Forget the Night of The Greek Columns.

By the strangest of political coincidences, $150,000 turns out to be exactly the same amount that Al Gore’s 2000 campaign paid Big Al’s fashion consultant Naomi Wolf. Team Gore cut checks to Ms. Wolf to the tune of $15,000 a month for about 10 months – from January through October of 1999. Then Donna Brazile took over the campaign and trimmed Wolf’s paycheck down to a paltry $5K per month.

So, the Dems spent $150K (not counting the actual clothes) putting Gore in earth tones, and the GOP spent $150K on fancy duds and other stuff making the Palins what ZZ Top would call “a sharp dressed clan.” I don’t think Al’s suits were put up for auction like the Palin clothes will be, but let’s not quibble over the small stuff. It’s a wash.

Now the donkeys and their media flies should please stop their braying and buzzing. Their hypocrisy has been outed.

h/t: FReeper Doctor Raoul

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