Allies of evil get my scorn, not my respect

Obama’s connections to 1960s radical domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is one thing. Other than the three Weather Undergrounders who accidentally blew themselves up, the WU “only” killed three people – two LEOs and a Brinks guard. Of course if that bomb hadn’t gone off prematurely, many military NCOs, their spouses and dates would have been killed or maimed (the bomb was packed with nails to maximize injury).

Obama’s connection to convicted felon and slumlord Tony Rezko is another. In this case, for the most part anyway, it’s “only” money.

Obama’s connections to ACORN are yet another thing. Here, we’re “only” talking of voter fraud, but it corrupts our free electoral process.

Obama’s connections to The New Party, Democratic Socialists of America, and the Marxist Liberation Theology espoused by his pastor of 20 years Jeremiah Wright are worse than any of the above – an affront to the sanctity of the very system of government our founders risked everything they had to establish.

Obama’s connections to radical militant Islamists like “former” PLO operative Rashid Khalidi and his support by Hamas political adviser Ahmed Yousef is even more troubling, for our country is at war with people who share many of the same beliefs and attitudes toward America that these people do.

Obama’s connections to the abortion lobby and his support for the grizzly process, especially partial-birth abortion and post-botched abortion infanticide, is even more troubling, for the innocent unborn and newborn are defenseless.

But Obama’s connection to, and active campaigning for Raila Odinga, who fueled ethnic cleansing in Kenya, is worst of all, for genocide is one of the worst crimes against humanity that have arisen in history. Many who were slaughtered in Kenya were not much more able to defend themselves than the infants who were victims of the gruesome crime of abortion. But in the mass killings in Kenya, there wasn’t even the lame excuse that some bogus “woman’s right to decide” was involved. Obama lied, people died. And to add insult to injury, the American taxpayer picked up Obama’s check.

This is the man John McCain tells me should be treated with respect?

Sorry, Senator, I respectfully disagree with you. But you will still get my vote and and you will always have my respect for the price you paid to defend the country we both love. I cannot give my respect, however, to Barack Obama, who has been too often a willing ally of evil.

– JP