Creepy Comrades: The Ayers-Chavez Connection

In a recent post I referred to a speech unrepentant domestic terrorist and Obama associate Bill Ayers delivered in Caracas, Venezuela, to the 2006 World Education Forum, sponsored by UNESCO. His text is full of Marxist rhetoric, but that’s just Marxist Ayers being Ayers. He’s also a professor of education, and there’s nothing unusual about his presence at a global forum on education sponsored by an arm of the United Nations.

But dig down below the topsoil, and you will discover that the ties between Ayers and Chavez run deeper than his appearance at an academic forum which just happened to be held in Venezuela that year.Andy Martin, an investigative journalist who looked into the Ayers-Chavez and Ayers-Obama connections blogged about it back in May:

The Ayers connection with Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez has also not surfaced in the MSMs. It is a time bomb waiting to explode. We make the connection today for the first time.

Chavez’ alleged associates were indicted in Miami for trying to funnel illegal campaign cash to Argentina. Can Chavez be planning similar machinations on behalf of Obama? Only Chavez and Ayers know. The fact that Ayers is totally unrepentant, and continues to associate with vicious dictators who espouse violent revolution, makes the Ayers/Obama/Chavez connection one with long legs through November. The fact that a Chavez stooge recently pleaded guilty to participation in the Venezuelan campaign cash scheme raises the bar in so far as possible Venezuelan intervention in the U.S. campaign is concerned.

Interesting stuff, but the case for the Ayers-Obama link has long been established, even if the Old Media is just now being dragged kicking and screaming to report on it. As for the Ayers-Chavez link, there’s hardly any convincing evidence in Martin’s post for it. He did, however, crack open the door, and now we are getting a peek inside.

In an excellent IBD editorial, Terrorists For Obama, the editors of Investor’s Business Daily mentioned another link between the domestic terrorist Ayers and Chavez’ Venezuelan dictatorship:

That Ayers’ totalitarian revolutionary agenda isn’t history is shown by Ayers today sitting on the directorate of the Miranda International Center, a think tank funded by the Venezuelan government of Hugo Chavez, unofficially a state sponsor of terror that just last weekend was found to be hosting terror training camps with Cuban and FARC operatives to attack its neighbors. Ayers is both a hero and adviser to Hugo Chavez and a colleague of Obama’s.

A brief resume of Ayers on the Venezuelan government site describes him as “the leader of the revolutionary and anti-imperialist group The Weather Underground which initiated struggle against the government of the USA,” which it calls “the empire.”

American Thinker’s A.M. Mora y Leon found that profile of Ayers on the Venezuelan government Web site, and she provides a translation here.

In two videos, here and here, Ayers shares his thoughts on education, social justice and revolution with Luis Bonilla-Molina, Miranda’s president, while Che looks above it all from his portrait on the wall.

There are, of course, no direct links which tie Obama directly to the Chavez regime, but there are a couple of interesting revelations which came to light, thanks to the capture by Colombian law enforcement officials of a laptop computer that had belonged to a rebel leader killed in a Colombian raid on a FARC encampment in Ecuador. According to documents found on the computer’s hard drive, Chavez transferred $300 million to the revolutionaries. In another document the FARC leader had recorded his analysis of Barack Obama, and what a potential President Obama’s policy toward the country the rebels were at war with would look like:

The gringos will ask for an appointment with the minister to solicit him to communicate to us his interest in discussing these topics. They say that the new president of their country will be Obama and that they are interested in your compatriots. Obama will not support “Plan Colombia” nor will he sign the TLC (Colombian Free Trade agreement). Here we responded that we are interested in relations with all governments in equality of conditions and that in the case of the US it is required a public pronouncement expressing their interest in talking with the FARC given their eternal war against us.

Given Obama’s opposition to the Colombian Free Trade Agreement, and given his determination to meet, without preconditions, such enemies of the United States and her allies as Hugo Chavez, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way Marxists in Latin America are hoping our presidential election blows.

Their Marxist comrades and fellow travelers here in the States are also eager to see Obama sworn in as our next commander in chief. Many of them can be found among the membership of Progressives for Obama, including Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground terrorist co-conspirator Mark Rudd and actor Danny Glover, who has his own ties to Chavez and Cuba’s Castro. The names of the rest of the hard Leftist PFO crew can be found on the group’s website.

Many of the usual suspects seem to be rooting for Obama. Go figure…

– JP