Who says you can't just make stuff up?

Who says you just can’t make stuff up?

Well, Barack Obama does, actually. “You can’t just make stuff up,” has become one of his favorite stump speech lines. But as we all know, you can just make stuff up, and not just in politics, either.

Making stuff up is taught in creative writing classes in college, and those authors who are accomplished at making stuff up are well rewarded for their efforts. British writer Mary Shelley, when she was just 18 years of age, made up a fantastic yarn about a scientist who used parts of corpses to make what he intended to be a man, but turned out to be a monstrous creature. Shelley’s book was originally titled Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, but it became popularly known by the short title of Frankenstein.

Barack Obama is a modern-day Frankenstein monster, created not by a lone mad scientist, but by a de facto committee of aging leftist radicals, shady interest groups and terrorists, both foreign and domestic. Let’s take a look at the madmen who produced this political Prometheus.

Committee Chair is Bill Ayers, the radical leftist who was a key member of the Weather Underground, a terrorist group embracing violence as a weapon to use against the government of the United States.

Member Emeritus is Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s mentor from his formative years spent in Hawaii. Davis was by trade a journalist, but was known as a political activist and a member of the Communist Party USA, an association which made him the subject of a 19-year investigation by the FBI.

Committee Co-Chaplins are Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Phleger. Wright is widely known as the former pastor of Obama’s former church, Chicago’s Trinity United church of Christ (TUCC). TUCC is the site of a modern miracle. Barack Obama was a member of the congregation for 20 years, yet he never heard any of Rev. Wright’s Marxist, Liberation-Theory-based and hate-filled sermons. The Lord works in strange and mysterious ways. Pfleger made a guest appearance in TUCC’s pulpit to preach what would become the final straw which caused Obama to break with the controversial church.

Among the other prominent committee members, there is Rashid Khalidi another radical college professor, this one with ties to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

Also on the committee are representatives of ACORN, supposedly a community organization which works to improve the lot of low- and moderate-income families. But crack the nut that is ACORN, and you’ll find rotten fruit inside. ACORN’s pressure tactics to obtain low-interest mortgages is one of the factors which led to the troubles of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two organizations at the heart of the recent financial meltdown.

There are others who serve or have served on the committee (see Tony Rezko et al), but these are some of the major players.

It has been often said that the ass is a horse designed by a committee. In Barack Obama, we see what a committee wrought when it tried to hammer out a presidential candidate. Unlike Shelley’s Frankenstein monster, this creature’s outward appearance is not one which strikes revulsion in the eye of the beholder. It is only when its component parts are examined that we discover the animated corpses of communism, 1960s leftist radicalism and Chicago Political Corruption, exposing the horror of Obamastein.

– JP