Re: What will Tina Fey do now?

Agree, Mark.

And your question begs another, “What will Kathleen Parker do now?”

According to talk show host Mike Gallagher, she isn’t budging:

“On my radio show today, Parker defended her column. Feisty and a bit combative, she reiterated her belief that Gov. Palin is a lightweight who wasn’t “properly vetted” and ought to fade away into the sunset, clearing the way, as she put it, for Mitt Romney to become Sen. McCain’s running mate.”

News flash, Kathleen. John McCain is more than just a casual student of history, and even before Sarah Palin vindicated McCain’s decision to choose her with her outstanding performance in Thursday night’s debate, the Arizona senator was not about to repeat McGovern’s folly of 1972.

Mitt Romney is an adult who got over himself and put all of his energy into working for the McCain-Palin ticket, Kathleen. If only you and some other conservative elites would take a lesson for the gracious and politically astute former Massachusetts governor.

  • JP