Defining Sarah

The media elites of both the Left and the Right are trying so hard to define what Palin should say and do, and frankly it’s insulting to the average voter. Joe and Jane America couldn’t care less about what Palin reads, what Supremes ruling she dislikes the most or whether she’s familiar with all eight permutations of the Bush Doctrine.

What the average American wants to know from Sarah is what would she and John McCain do to make their lives better. What would they do about high gasoline prices? What would they do to make sure there’s a supply of gasoline if our foreign suppliers ever decide to use oil as a weapon against us? What is their answer to the small business owner who has to pay high taxes and deal with government regulations while they try to make their enterprises successful? What would they do to keep Acme Inc.’s local plant from pulling up stakes and moving overseas so that their son doesn’t lose his job there and the town doesn’t waste away? What would they do to help make sure that their daughter will be able to get back what she’s paying into Social Securtity when she gets old and retires? What would they do to help Mom and Pop get health insurance if they should lose their own jobs? What would they do to keep the family safe from terrorists and madmen who run nations with an iron fist while they seek to acquire nuclear weaponry?

These are the kinds of things average Americans worry about, not the crap that elites from Mo Dowd to George Will, wrapped up as they are in their tiny little universes which revolve around their overblown egos, think are important.

  • JP