Is this young governor qualified to be VP?

How qualified to be vice president of the United States could a Republican be who:

Is young – under 45 years old?
Speaks in favor of economic development of Alaska?
Advocates and engages in exercise for personal fitness?
Has lived in the wilds of the American Northwest?
Fishes, hunts, and loves the great outdoors?
Has a reputation, not as an environmentalist, but as a conservationist?
Has at least five children?
Is a moralist for whom every issue is a struggle between good and evil?
Is a reformer who has taken on the GOP’s “good old boy network”?
Believes corporations should be controlled, but not strangled?
Said, “These fools on Wall Street think they can go on forever. They can’t”?
Has made some powerful enemies?
Believes the military needs to be expanded?
Has shown a brilliant sense of political symbolism and timing?
Believes the people, not the courts, should determine their own policies?
Is not a lawyer?
Has never been elected to national office?
Is on the GOP ticket for VP with less than two years in the governor’s office?

Pretty well qualified, as it turns out.

The year is 1900, and the candidate for vice president is Theodore Roosevelt.

– JP

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