Heartless: Gretchen has more soul anyway

So the aging hippie-chick Wilson sisters of the 1970s-80s rock band Heart object to their song “Barracuda” being played at McCain Palin events. So what?

Why not use another Wilson’s (no relation, I think) song instead? Gretchen Wilson likely would not mind loaning her wildly popular country anthem “Redneck Woman” to Sarah Palin , I’ll wager. Gretchen was a Fred Thompson supporter early on and performed at last week’s RNC convention for the McCain-Palin ticket. She might even be intersted in re-writing a variation custom-tailored for the GOP vice presidential nominee.

Just as an exercise in such speculative thought, here’s one possibility:

>Well, I ain’t never been your basic liberal harpie typeNo, I can’t drink the left’s Kool Aid, I stay away from all that hypeI hunt and fish and ride a snowmmobile for funYou can find me in the outdoors on my daily ten-mile run

Some elites they look down on me, but I don’t give a ripI can shoot an M-16 just fine with a baby on my hip’Cause I’m a hockey mommaI ain’t no left-wing snobI’m just a product of the middle-classAnd my husband’s true heart throbHe helps me raise the kids so I can do my jobI’m a happy warrior princess who’s pretty as a peachAnd I know all the words to every Ronald Reagan speechSo here’s to all my sisters who help to keep our country freeLet me get a big ‘Sarah’ from the hockey moms like meSarah!

I must admit the state’s jet plane was plush and really niceBut I can fly Alaska Airlines for less than half the priceI stood up tall to Exxon, Conoco and to BPThey own some politicians but they never will own meYou might think I’m too blue collar and a little too hardcoreBut in my neck of the woods I’m just the girl next door

Hey I’m a hockey mommaI’ve been cleaning up my stateThat good ol’ boy networkHas met its match and met its fateAnd I cut pork spending with my trusty veto penAnd cut taxes in my state to put an end to tax-and-spendAnd I know all about oil and gas and other kinds of energySo here’s to all my sisters who help to keep this country freeLet me get a big ‘Sarah’ from the hockey moms like meSarah!

I’m a hockey mommaAnd my son is headed to IraqI’ll pray each day for his safe returnUntil the day that he comes backYou better leave my kids alone, I say without a doubtOr Sarah Barracuda will chew you up and spit you outYou won’t ever make me cry, you won’t ever hear me whineI love my family, I do my job, and I keep my enemies in lineI’m gonna help The Maverick shake up Washington DCLet me get a big ‘Sarah’ if you want me to be VPSarah!


I said Sarah!