With each new bizarre slur the hard Left concots, the deeper it sinks into the cesspool of liberal lies. These people are Scared Mittless TM of Sarah Palin, and it’s all too obvious.

Here’s the latest, probably devised while viewing kiddie porn and feeling a tingle go up the left leg:

Tons of readers are sending the latest, most pathetic smear against Gov. Sarah Palin.

It is laughable beyond belief.

One “Charley James” accuses Palin of exclaiming the following after Obama defeated Hillary:

“So Sambo beat the b*tch!”

Read the entire “investigative report” here, which comes off like a really, really bad Onion parody…


Oh, and there are disgusting racists out there who smeared a black politician as a Sambo.

The truth: It’s the Left, not the Right, that’s guilty.

The racists were bigoted liberal hatemongers who mocked black GOP Maryland Senate candidate Michael Steele with the epithet.

In the Stalinist tradition of the propagandizing extreme Left, there isn’t a shred of real evidence offered to back up their scurrilous insinuation.

And really, Sara Palin a racist? She’s married to a man who is of mixed race. Todd Palin is is one-quarter Yup’ik Eskimo, and that would make her children multiracial also.

The lie is spreading rapidly around the usual suspect crackhouses of the blogosphere, including Wonkette, Air America, and others of their ilk. I’ve heard that Daily Kos, which publishes unfounded rumors about the opposition as a matter of routine, pulled this “story” because it was so weak. Nice to know that even Kos has a threshold, low as it may be.

What’s next, “progressives”? Is Sarah a space alien? Or is she the love child of Elvis and Liz Taylor?

– JP