Liberal media attacks won't deter McCain or Palin

It’s clear what major liberal media outlets such as the New York Times and CNN, driven by their more unhinged counterparts on the left end of the blogosphere, are trying to do.

They are slinging as much manure as they can wallow in at Sarah Palin, John McCain’s choice to run with him as the GOP’s vice presidential nominee, hoping enough of it will stick to force McCain to pull a McGovern. Some of the us older hands remember very well the campaign of 1972. The Democrats’ presidential nominee George McGovern had at the last minute picked Tom Eagleton, a young Missouri Senator, as his running mate. Less than two weeks later, Eagleton was off the ticket, replaced by Sargent Shriver, a member by marriage of the Kennedy clan.

What happened? Eagleton had neglected to reveal to McGovern that he had been hospitalized three times for physical and nervous exhaustion, and he was given electric shock treatments on two of those occasions. The newspapers found out about it, and Eagleton was damaged goods.

At first, McGovern stood by Eagleton, but the press and key Democrats demanded that McGovern throw his running mate under the bus. All of the major papers editorialized that Eagleton should voluntarily take himself off the ticket.

The Republicans, under strict instructions to say nothing about it by President Richard Nixon, their own presidential candidate, did not attack Eagleton. They didn’t have to. The Democrats and the media were doing it for them.

Although Eagleton showed grace and courage under the fire, McGovern blinked. He slithered, dropping hints in public and during newspaper interviews that the “public outcry” he was hearing that Eagleton should voluntarily quit the ticket was growing louder. Displaying a mastery of signal-mixing, McGovern was also making public statements and assuring Eagleton in private that he was his man. But Eagleton couldn’t take a hint. McGovern was finally forced to ask Eagleton to leave the ticket “for the good of the party”, and Eagleton agreed.

The stuff that has been revealed about Gov. Palin and her family is nothing like what came out about Eagleton. Her daughter made a mistake – one which average Americans don’t approve of, but one which they can sympathize with. So Palin’s husband had a DUI on his record from over two decades ago. So what? That leaves the so-called troopergate investigation of whether the governor unduly pressured a subordinate to fire her ex-brother-in-law, an Alaska state trooper who is known for threatening the life of Palin’s father, tazing his own stepson and other such unsavory behavior. Most Americans will simply wonder why this thug wasn’t fired, not whether Palin should have demanded that he should be. And that’s the sum total of what the salivating leftist media has on Palin. There’s no there there.

If Kos and the New York Times think that John McCain will give in to the pressure of their negative attacks on Palin, they don’t know the man. Do they really believe that they can manipulate McCain into dropping Gov. Palin from the ticket? This is a man who was beaten and tortured by the Vietnamese communists for over five years in a prison camp. When anyone attempts to pressure him, his stubborness takes over, and he becomes ever more determined to resist the pressure. John McCain is no wishy-washy George McGovern.

Likewise, Sarah Palin. Go after her family, like the despicable left has done by trying to take advantage of her 17-year-old daughter’s situation, and she will become Sarah Barracuda, her nickname from her basketball-playing days. They will never – never – force this strong Alaskan to back down. They’re made of stronger stuff up there.

The left-wing attack media also doesn’t get the American people. We don’t respond kindly to such vicious attacks on women through their teenaged daughters, and the harder the Kossacks and the NY Slimers attack the Palins, the more enthusiastically will Americans will rally around them.

It won’t work. But don’t tell the slime meisters that – not that they would listen anyway, so blinded and deafened are they by their blood lust. Let them cut their own throats. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

– JP