James Lloyd for Congress in TX-07

My friend James Lloyd is seeking the Republican nomination to represent Texas’s 7th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.  It is a primary challenge of milquetoast incumbent Rep. John Culberson.  I am so happy to support James’s bid.

James is frankly just a great guy—the kind of person whose upstanding character you can recognize within the first three minutes of conversation.  Unlike John Culberson, who (literally) lives in Northern Virginia and hardly ever returns to the 7th Congressional District, James is committed to the people of western Houston.  James was born and raised in the District, and his family members all still live there.  He is a seventh-generation Texan, to boot.

James is heavily involved with grassroots causes in Houston.  He is involved in an advisory capacity with Rice University’s James A. Baker Institute for Public Policy.  He is a Houston chapter co-chair of the influential young conservative organization Maverick PAC, for which Houston’s own Sen. Ted Cruz once served as a co-founder.  He is on the board of the Houston Lawyers Chapter branch of The Federalist Society, the nation’s preeminent legal conservative group which has served an indispensable role in the broader conservative movement since its founding in 1982.*

James is a constitutional conservative with a strong respect for the Constitution’s structural securing of liberty via both the separation of powers and our federalist system of dual sovereignty.  He is a pro-federalism, pro-Tenth Amendment guy.  As a Generation Y leader, he will be a powerful voice against the Washington Cartel’s reckless use of younger generations and posterity as a proverbial credit card to fund cronyist spending binges in the present.  He fully understands that border security is national security, and will be a strong vote to ensure sovereignty and stop amnesty.  As an energy lawyer by trade, he appreciates the imperative of energy independence—and how we must better utilize the American energy renaissance as an economic weapon against both Putin revanchism in Eastern Europe and hegemonic Iranian/Islamic State ambitions in the Middle East.

By contrast, Rep. John Culberson is a thoroughly uninspiring incumbent.  He has not had a serious primary challenge since being elected in 2000, and as such has become all-too cozy with GOP establishment chicanery.  In 2015, he ignored free traders’ very legitimate criticisms by casting a vote for sovereignty-undermining Obamatrade.  As a dutiful “backbencher” for leadership, moreover, he also voted for the recent year-end omnibus disgrace.  Despite the fact that the 7th Congressional District is very safe Republican territory, Culberson was only the ninth most conservative member of the Texas congressional delegation in Heritage Action’s most recent ranking.  His most recent Club for Growth annual score, 60%, was second-worst amongst all Texas Republicans in the U.S. House.  He has a 60% “D” rating from Conservative Review.  His last four FreedomWorks ratings are an entirely mediocre 65%, 59%, 57%, and 70%.  He frequently does not show up to work, and in 2015 missed the 26th most votes of any sitting congressman—second worst amongst all Texas Republicans.

Texas’s 7th Congressional District can do better than John Culberson.  James Lloyd is a smart young son of the District who is a vote against the go-along-to-get-along politics of a corrupt congressional establishment for which Culberson serves as a reliable foot soldier.  Such primary challenges as James’s—those by principled young leaders and against ineffectual incumbents who live inside the Beltway and rarely show up for work (but shill for leadership when they do)—are invariably prophylactic for the health of the democratic process.  We should encourage these challenges as best as we can.

John Culberson has simply lost touch with the conservative voters in Texas’s 7th Congressional District.  Between his time in the Texas House of Representatives and the U.S. House of Representatives, Culberson has been an elected politician for nearly as long as James Lloyd has been alive.

In our continuing quest to defeat the Left in part by holding our own side’s feet to the fire, I strongly encourage everyone in the RedState community to support James Lloyd’s primary challenge of John Culberson.  Texas’s 7th Congressional District is a perfect battleground for our continual fight.

You can donate to James’s March 1st primary challenge by clicking here.


* Disclosure: I personally am active with my own law school’s Federalist Society student chapter.