The Conservative Grievance Industry

Conservative media types seem to spend most of their time these days calling on organizations to fire such and such a person because of the moronic things they say.  Take the most recent episode concerning Martin Bashir’s comments or, heck, any time Piers Morgan lets his views be known concerning gun control (Fire Bashir!, Fire Morgan!).  It makes monetary sense for these conservatives to be outrageously outraged of course because they too get to appear on television to complain about what Morgan or Bashir have said and they get to write books about it.  None of this behavior advances conservatism, it only advances themselves.  The American political debate stage has devolved into a playground in which the Left and Right in the media denounce the other side for what they have said recently to some unseen school principal, hoping that principal will place them in detention.

Follow leading conservatives on social media to get a look at the conservative grievance industry.  A place where self-promoters opine on the fortunes of Alec Baldwin, Piers Morgan, MSNBC, and CNN while at the same time declaring them irrelevant.

It should not be a tenet of conservative thought to limit the speech of those on the other side when they say something outrageous, especially when conservatives already know it is coming and have even written books on the subject.

Conservatism needs more Russell Kirks and less Glenn Becks.