Clinton Distancing From Obama Has Begun

First, I would say that in a sane world a person associated so much with the Benghazi terrorist attacks and the lying that took place afterwards would never be able to show themselves in public again, let alone run for the presidency.  But we don’t live in a sane world so the Hillary 2016 express is prepping in the station.

On the GOP side of things the old media and the tabloids, like Politico, want to gin up the “civil war” narrative that they claim is running through the Republican Party these days.  Ted Cruz v. Chris Christie; Rand Paul v. Ted Cruz; Chris Christie v. John McCain (?); Chris Christie v. anybody.

However, when it comes to any disagreements in the Democratic Party there seems to be little interest in covering it.  Now, we know that the Democrats are similar to the Soviet Communists in that dissent and stepping away from the party line is unacceptable but I wonder how the media will handle the distancing of Hillary Rodham Clinton from Barack Hussein Obama, the two titans of the American Left and two favorites of the Beltway-NYC media complex.

Enter Bill Clinton.