The Tea Party is Not the Problem

You have heard by now of Mitch McConnell’s interview with Peggy Noonan in which he lambasted the Tea Party and the conservative wing of the Republican Party.  McConnell claims that the Tea Party and the grassroots of the GOP have done more damage to the national party than Democrats have over recent years.  He must have missed the Tea Party fueled 2010 elections which propelled the GOP into control of the House.  But in McConnell’s insulated political world the Tea Party only loses “winnable elections” and the establishment party does not.

McConnell’s comments reveal just how out of touch those who have been living inside the Beltway can become.  It was only last month that McConnell essentially received a payoff for his help in ending a government shutdown over the fate of Obamacare.  If Mr. McConnell had any self-awareness at all he would already know that the opposition to him and his ilk in Congress arises from just this kind of “DC-as-usual” behavior.

Conservatives are simply fed up with how the establishment Republican Party has behaved towards them over the past 20 years ago, but more importantly how they governed over the same time period of time.  Come election time we hear from old timers like McConnell about how the country needs to be put on a more conservative path.  That we need to reduce spending.  We need to reduce taxes.  We need to cut regulations.  We need to end Obamacare.  And most importantly we need to put the GOP in control.  However, once these politicians are placed in office they do everything they can to avoid taking action on their campaign promises.  McConnell expects conservatives to just show up on election day every two, four, or six years and then go home.  No criticism and no holding to standards.

Can McConnell really claim that he has been a conservative during his time in office?  This is the same man who served in the leadership of the Senate during the Bush years, not exactly a glorious period of conservatism in action.

This is the same man who voted for TARP and Medicare expansion.

And this is the same man who brags about his ability to earmark.

All of these items and qualities are the exact opposite of what the Tea Party and conservatives want in their elected officials within the Republican Party.

McConnell’s complaints about Tea Party activists and the grassroots helping Democrats is laughable considering the damage his GOP comrades in D.C. did to the Republican brand during the administration of George W. Bush.  McConnell is so out-of-touch that he can’t see it and he doesn’t take kindly to anybody trying to force him to see the light.