Goodbye, Mr. President

Today is the first full day of the new Obama administration, and he is already reversing some of President Bush’s national security measures. President Obama has ordered the end to certain trials taking place in Guantanamo Bay, and it has been speculated that he will close so called “black sites,” which are used by the CIA to transport and hold terror suspects. Although I have disagreed with President Bush lately, especially over the TARP plan, I must say that I truly respect and admire the former president.

President Bush is the only president I have really known. He took office when I was a freshman in high school, he was re-elected when I was a freshman in college, and he left office in my senior year. President Bush has brought nothing but class and dignity to the Oval Office, and he has performed his primary duty of keeping the nation safe flawlessly. Can you honestly say that you did not expect another terror attack on the homeland after 9/11? President Bush inherited a military that was dramatically underfunded and neglected, and he sought to fix that. His actions have led to the liberation of nearly fifty millions people in Afghanistan and Iraq. His critics claimed that his vision of a peaceful democratic nation in the heart of the middle east would never become reality; well, they were wrong. The Democratic Party and the left in this country fought the President every single step of the way during his eight years in office. He was the target of disgusting attacks both in the media and in the chambers of Congress. The Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid claimed that the war in Iraq “was lost.” This is totally unacceptable behavior by a leader of this nation. At times it was difficult to tell the leaders of the Democratic Party from the bizarre anti-war protesters outside the White House.

Even on his last day as President, he was jeered and taunted by liberal supporters of Barack Obama. He was given the finger and liberals chanted “goodbye” to his helicopter as he left Washington, D.C. for the last time.

And they had the nerve to call President Bush a “divider.”

But who is the real divider — the President of the United States, who made decisions everyday that saved the lives of countless Americans, or the Democratic Party and the fringe left, who referred to President Bush as “Hitler” and jeered him as he walked onto the inauguration platform? Who is the real divider — the President of the United States or media dinosaurs like Tom Brokaw, who compared Obama’s election to the “velvet revolution” in Czechoslovakia? Brokaw basically drew a similarity between President Bush and a ruthless communist regime with that statement.

President Bush likes to say that he never had to take an opinion poll to tell him how to act on an issue, and he never did. He was not a typical politician who just so happened to occupy the White House for eight years. He was a real leader, and I am proud to have cast my first ballot in his favor at the age of eighteen. And believe me, voting for President Bush on a liberal college campus is not exactly “following the polls.” But President Bush’s conduct taught me to do what is right, not what is popular.

Here is a thought for all Americans:

On January 19th, 2009, President Bush read the terror threat report that came across his desk and made a decision in the best interest of the people of the United States. For the next four years, it will be President Obama making that decision.

But, hey, let’s make sure that it only lasts four years, and in 2012, let’s go out there and win just one more for the “Gipper.”