Thursday Night Travels with Joe Biden and Lindsey Graham


Biden: Hey Grahamnesty, how do you like the Taj Mahal?

Graham: Hey! Senator McCain says that people are being mean to me when they call me that! Which Taj Mahal is this anyway?

Biden: Come on dude, this is Atlantic City … I am the third senator for that part of New Jersey.

Graham: That is awesome Joe…

Biden: I am an awesome guy, what can I say?

Graham: I mean it is awesome that we are traveling together and working with Barack to move America again! Senator McCain says that Obama is just swell, he also says that we have to watch out for that conservative Sarah Palin … she has the power to derail Obama! Are you scared of Sarah too Joe? are ya, are ya?

Biden: Relax dude … I’m kool with the Cuda, do you think she was checking out my plugs at the debate? Man, I wish she could see me rocking these aviator sunglasses. Who is the maverick now?!

Graham: Hey Joe …

Biden: Yes

Graham: Nevermind

Biden: Okay dude, anyway … yeah I knew a dude like Barry back in Scranton, that is where I am from you know, Scranton!

Graham: Senator McCain says Scranton is just swell! Just swell!

Biden: Yeah so, the Cuda was definitely checking me out … I need a wingman though, when I hit up those clubs up there in Anchorage.

Graham: Ah … I don’t think I’m up for the job.

Biden: Dude … dude okay

Graham: Everybody knows that I am McCain’s wingman when we cross the aisle! HA!

Biden: Nice one! That’s ok … I don’t need a wingman anyway, I’m just trying to help you out.

Graham: Gee that’s swell Joe! I love working with liberal democrats to further my career!!!

Biden: Yeah I like RINOs

Graham: Senator McCain says…

Biden: Dude, shut up about McCain already!

Graham: Okay

Biden: Do you think the Cuda listens to Survivor?

Graham: I’m gonna go with Chicago actually … maybe some Robert Palmer.

Biden: Yeah, definitely … maybe some Richard Marx too … “should’ve known better than to fall in love with me”

Graham: Shes gonna have to face it … she’s addicted to you Joe!

Biden: Awesome … hey high five … HA! … too slow Grahamnesty!

Graham: I’m going home