Vice President - Elect Spotted!

By Joseph Russo @ Conservatives4palin.com
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The famed “expert on foreign policy” was spotted in Iraq the other day. Biden, who was disguised as “Michael Knight” from the 80s tv show “Knight Rider,” was surveying the scene in Iraq. Biden was quoted as saying, ” Look, my next job, established in article I of the U.S. Constitution, allows me to travel the world with my good friend Lindsey Grahamnesty.” Biden, who voted for the Iraq war but opposed the surge had offered his own plan for saving Iraq … which included dividing the nation into three areas. One dominated by those who were “clean and articulate,” the next by people from Scranton and the last area dominated by FDR types who used television in 1929 to tell the world about the Great Depression. He proposed that the new capital would contain a 7-11, “where one would need a slight Indian accent to pass a law.”

Biden, who is still reeling from his debate with Sarah “Barracuda” Palin, also said that he was disappointed that his new hair plugs didn’t impress the young governor from Alaska.