New Information on Palin-Murkowski Poll

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What the media will not tell you about the latest Murkowski-Palin poll:

1. The poll comes almost immediately after a poll in which Palin soundly defeats Murkowski in a hypothetical Senate race. With the results almost the exact opposite.
2. The poll was commissioned by talk show host Dan Fagan, who is a staunch enemy of Governor Palin and uses his talk radio to “misrepresent” Palin’s positions on the issues. (From Kaylene Johnson’s biography of Gov. Palin)
3. Fagan runs a negative Palin blog in which he has used this data to make the claim, “that Palin is “no longer Alaska’s most popular politician.” It seems to me that Fagan has made the classic error of using date to come up with a predetermined conclusion (to him).
4. The pollster Fagan uses for this poll, Dave Dittman, is a supporter of the Murkowski wing of the Alaskan GOP. And reader JD points out, Dittman was also the private pollster for Murkowski in 2004:

The senator’s pollster, David Dittman, said that when Alaskans are asked an open-ended question (What don’t you like about Lisa?), they say they “don’t like the appointment.” That was the response of about 90 percent of those polled at the beginning of the campaign, Dittman said, adding that it “is beginning to fade as time goes on.”

5. Dittman’s wife is a donor and supporter of Lisa Murkowski

So there you have it … obviously a political stunt waged by the Republican machine in Alaska in order to downplay the threat posed by Governor Palin should she be interested in Murkowski’s Senate seat.