Looking for "Someone"

The Reagan I Knew by William F. Buckley, makes for a great read. Not only does the book cover Reagan’s journey from Governor of California to the Presidency, it also contains letters exchanged between Buckley and Ronald and Nancy Reagan, which offers great insight to even the biggest Reagan fan.

Ronald Reagan is known for his great quotes, but this one from the book stands out the most:

For every problem, there are ten people waiting to volunteer if someone will give them a lead and show them where they can be useful.

This quote is great because it applies to the current state of the Republican party. We have a great “base” and grassroots network, from the fiscal conservatives to the defense hawks but we lack a competent leader, we lack what Reagan calls, “someone who can show us where we can be useful.”

The biggest qualities in a leader is not their looks, oratory, or political experience but something else. Something that can not be explained … you simply want to be part of it. We look for a leader that not only agrees with us politically but also agrees with us because they have experienced what most Americans experience everyday. They look at the problems in their local community, state and even Washington D.C. and they want to solve them, not by simply moving around chairs and replacing committee heads but by instituting REAL change.

Real change occurs when somebody attempts “crusade” of sorts, when they take on those who are not acting on the behalf of the People, even if they occupy high positions in your political party. The change the current President-elect has promised is false. False because he has never actually promoted REAL change in his hometown of Chicago. False because his political views are just the same old, same old going back to Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson. They call themselves “progressives,” but what is progressive about the People submitting more and more power to the federal government? John Locke and Thomas Jefferson would call this “regressive” as the power of the individual is slowly eroded in favor of the collective.

REAL change is the result of countless hours fighting the “status quo,” which is Latin for “the mess we are in,” as Reagan once said. Real change comes about when one person, a leader, is able to persuade those around him or her to come together to promote the interests of the People.

I think we have just the right person to fill the role of Reagan’s “someone.”