Charlie vs. Charlie: ObamaCare

Charlie Crist isn’t getting away from his flip-flop on ObamaCare. The citizens of Florida deserve to know what Charlie thinks on ObamaCare, and not only is this article going to expose him on his major flip-flop, it’s going to expose the damage the “affordable care act” has inflicted on our state. The ACA is a major failure, but not as big a failure as Charlie’s tenure as Florida’s governor. Let’s dive into the ObamaCare flip-flop.


In 2010, Charlie Crist was running for the Republican nomination to the United States Senate, during the primary race, he was adamantly opposed to ObamaCare. Early in the race he called the ACA devastating. He also claimed that, even though he wasn’t attending the Tea Party rallies against ObamaCare, on Capitol Hill, that his efforts should be celebrated. Charlie was completely against the ACA as a Republican. So when did he switch his position on ObamaCare? The same time he switched from a Republican, to an “independent.”


Charlie tried running. Almost immediately after switching parties, he said he would no longer vote to repeal ObamaCare. But just months earlier during the Republican primary, he said his efforts should be celebrated? An now in a recent CNN interview, he claims the ACA has been great, and Obama has been compassionate and he even predicted the public will eventually embrace ObamaCare.


Well, now we know about Charlie’s flop on ObamaCare, so we will get a little into the devastating affects it has brought Florida. Hey, Charlie, remember when you predicted the devastating affects? Talk about eating your words. In Florida, due to ObamaCare, all part-time employees have seen their hours reduced to a maximum of 25 hours a week. This study can be found on investors.com. Also, according to Bloomberg.com, blue cross and blue shield alone, have seen 300,000 policies affected due to ObamaCare.


We know why Charlie flip-flopped on us. By why flip-flop on such an issue? As we have dug into Charlie’s past, present, and political future, we have seen he will do and say anything to be elected.

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