Charlie vs. Charlie: Education!

Charlie VS. Charlie: Education!


We all know Charlie Crist used to be a Republican. We also know he is now running for Governor of Florida as a Democrat. So I’ve decided to take a look at some of the major issues Charlie Crist has flipped on. Let’s start with education, shall we?

As a Republican, Charlie Crist was a pro school choice Republican. That is one thing almost all conservatives agree on. We are all pro school choice. The parents and student, not Washington, not Tallahassee, and not the local government, should decide where the student goes to school. Charlie was all for school choice as a Republican, now? Charlie Crist wants Washington to decide not only where your kids go to school, but he also wants Washington to decide on the standardized testing. Charlie Crist supports common core.

Charlie Crist, the Republican, was more about supporting the students. Charlie Crist, the Democrat? He’s more about the teachers. Was Charlie Crist ever really pro-student though? Even as a “Republican” governor of Florida, he vetoed a bill for merit-based teacher pay. Now, Charlie Crist wants to raise every teachers pay to $100,000 dollars, why? The reason is simple, because, Charlie is not a fan of holding teachers accountable. Charlie Crist would rather Washington hold back students with failed standardized testing, while giving teachers an undeserved raise.

The former Republican governor of Florida was also in favor of limited class size. But then, in 2010, he suddenly switched and said he wanted to stop reducing class size. His budgets annually included increases to reduce the class size, but when he ran for the United States Senate, as a Republican, in 2010, he decided to stop the cap on school classes.

As a Republican, Charlie Crist was looked at as a pro-corporation guy, so why, as a Democratic candidate for Florida’s governor seat, does he support giving more tax breaks to corporations that invest not only in private schools, but also in public schools.

As a Republican, Charlie Crist supported school prayer. But we all know, a majority of Democrats are staunchly opposed to such a law. We have found no evidence to say Charlie Crist will still be in favor of such an amendment.


Charlie Crist, he’s flip-flopped on education so much, he doesn’t even know where he stands on education.