Why prostitution should no longer be illegal.

I know I will probably receive a lot of hate for this piece, but before you freak out about this article, at least read it. Now your first reaction might be “why is a mostly socially conservative republican writing an opinion piece in favor of legalizing prostitution?” Well, I am not just a social conservative, I’m a constitutional conservative.

Now we all know prostitution is bad, right? Right, we got that out of the way. But should something like this really be illegal? Do we not allow it every day in our country, just in a big, established corporate way in the porn industry? Sure, everyone in the porn industry gets paid, but there’s still a transaction occurring for the sale of sex. Instead of just the prostitute getting paid, the “porn stars” are getting paid. Oh, let’s not forget the camera man. LIGHTS! Can’t forget that import aspect of the scene. Oh, cue the audio technician as well. So is it because there are so many more hands in the pie that porn is legal and prostitution isn’t? Or is because instead of someone’s car, or someone’s house, the porn scene is being filmed in a giant porn industry warehouse? So if someone turns their house into a warehouse, makes sure there’s a camera around, and ensures that every single person involved gets paid, they can become a porn industry giant. Isn’t that kind of, I don’t know, backwards?

Now let’s get to my next point on this “controversial” topic. What about a boyfriend and girlfriend, or husband and wife. And now let’s say the wife, or girlfriend, wants a new perfume or new purse, and in exchange, they promise to give their significant other something for buying it for them, is that not technically a form of prostitution? But since a couple, now it’s perfectly fine and completely legal. Does that make sense to anyone? 

Do I think we should be teaching a much better culture? Yes. But do I think we will achieve that through the use of government force? No. In order to stop this epidemic, we must teach our children from an early age that it is wrong, simply because it’s wrong, not because government says it’s wrong to do. We will never get anywhere if we continue to use government force on certain issues that have no relation to the government and its duties. It is up to the parents and families to teach between right and wrong, not the government. Yes, prostitution is wrong, but it shouldn’t be illegal.