Why the GOP needs to modernize, not moderate their positions

Why the GOP needs to modernize, not moderate, and how some Republicans are doing just that.


To those in the GOP saying we need to become more moderate, or which really means more liberal, I say this; no. The GOP does not need to become more moderate, in fact, it’s the exact opposite. The base of the GOP has the right message now, and always has had the right message. What we have seen since the late 1980’s is the moderate takeover of the GOP. These moderates have taken what was once a party of difference from the Democrats, and turned it into something that is barely recognizable. There has been a serious fight inside the GOP since 2008, to take the GOP and push it more to the right. The establishment Republicans have become frustrated with our efforts. But listen, doing the same thing the Democrats do, just on a smaller scale is not the way to win, but more importantly, it’s not the way to save our republic. The fact is this; the base of the GOP has the real winning message. Less government intrusion is a winning message. A free market, in which businesses thrive and the companies could afford to give a raise, without raising prices. Energy independence is a winning message. Think of a country that has lower gas prices, lower home energy prices, food costs are down. This is a winning message. We should be pushing for school choice. The parents and kids should be able to decide which school is the best for them, and the money should follow them to that school. If we do not change our education system, we will continue to slip among the world in education. A tax bracket that is no longer outdated and broken. Our tax system can sometimes be too overwhelming. We need to lower taxes, and rid the nation of some of the tax burdens. There should never be a tax on working. The income tax is the most ludicrous tax in the history of our nation. The fight to secure our borders is one that is a winning message. The fight against ObamaCare is a winning message and we must act. To those in the GOP that say we cannot repeal it, I say we can and we must! It is the biggest tax on our nation in recent memory. It is a jobs killer plain and simple, and forces religious groups to pay for abortions and contraceptives. No matter what side you’re on, this should tick you off. And even to the displeasure of some on both the left and right, being pro-life is a winning message. And ultimately, the biggest message we should get out there. The lives of our future generations are being stripped away. We have to turn back and change course. 56 million unborn babies were aborted since the passage of Roe v. Wade. We have the principles and the message to get this done and that is why the GOP needs to modernize, not moderate.


We have seen some in the GOP already doing so. Sens. Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Rep. Justin Amash, former Virginia Republican candidate for Governor Ken Cuccinelli, and a few others have taken the internet and have utilized its benefits. Their messages are getting out there. None have been bigger in the modernized movement than Rand Paul. He has been leading the fight against many policies that are very unpopular in the millennium’s view. The usage of drone’s, the NSA’s unconstitutional spying, the legalization of marijuana. Rand has led the fight against each of these. And, he’s done so on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram and Snapchat. And while Rand has been leading the fight against these policies and winning over millenniums with his messages on the internet and social media, there has been no bigger fighter in the conservative movement against ObamaCare and the IRS than Sen. Ted Cruz. Sen. Ted Cruz is a star amongst conservatives. He has singlehandedly forced the moderates in the GOP to realize our base is real, and we’re stronger than ever before. They now realize they can no longer sell our country to the Democrats and continue to get away with it. Sen. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Thad Cochran, know they cannot keep the progressives in our party in control any longer. Sens. Graham and Cochran are both facing primary challengers in 2014. And if John McCain decides to run for re-election in 2016, someone will step up and challenge him as well. You see, the base of the party has bubbled up and have come to the surface. No longer will we sit back and allow the party to be destroyed by the old guard. The new face of the GOP is here, and we’re not backing down. We are bringing our winning message to the forefront of the party and moving our country in the right direction.