Brian Williams, American Sniper?

“7 Lies American Sniper is telling America,” the headline read at Salon.com. Bill Maher called the film’s title hero a “psychopath patriot” on his HBO show. Not wanted to be out-flanked to his left, Screamin’ Howard Dean proceeded to cut the Hiroshima of all brain farts and claim that an angry part of the population, probably gun nuts all, was driving the box office numbers on Clint Eastwood’s film through the roof.

Punching the invisible midget
Not “punching an invisible midget while trying to eat a microphone” angry. Just regular garden-variety angry.

Article after article poured out lie after lie about the Iraq War (to remind us that it was unjust, and therefore no real “heroes” can come out of it), Chris Kyle (to remind us that he was a jerk who loved killing people, and a racist), and even the accusation that the movie was too dumb to take seriously. The last critique, by the way, came from a magazine that published an article about a campus gang rape that never happened. When it comes to total fantasy, those guys are the most trusted name in news.

Or, at least, they were.

Dear Brian, Thanks. -Rolling Stone
Dear Brian, Thanks. -Rolling Stone

Nobody has dared to mention the comfort Brian Williams seemed to display in building his fortress of lies (A fortress where he was stationed before killing Osama Bin Laden with the head of Adolf Hitler, probably). Brian Williams slipped those lies into his personal story with all the ease of Bill Cosby slipping a little fairy dust into a woman’s drink, allegedly. We know that Brian Williams lied. We know why he lied, which was to pad his resume, and to emulate his predecessors who risked so much to bring us Vietnam in prime time. But why try to integrate the military into your own history? Why, when the same left had spent so much time and effort to take down one of the military’s most effective (that’s what lethal means when you talk about our military) members, spend literally years trying to piggyback on the same warriors the left is so quick to throw overboard?

Was it merit? Was it credibility? Was it competitive advantage?


The military, as an idea, might be the last American institution with the built-in credibility that journalists used to enjoy. And, even worse, Americans know that members of the military are not all saints, nor are they all Navy SEALS, nor are they are all combat personnel. Americans get this idea, and when they thank a member of the military, they don’t know whether they are thanking the best Ranger in his platoon, or the guy who pushes the paperwork in his Commander’s office. They are thanking the uniform, as much as the person inside. The media dares not allow that much variance in their image, and this pompous know-it-all attitude has really cost them. That’s what Williams really wanted. He wanted a free pass from most of America to be their trusted name, and he knew there was only one source from which he could “borrow” it. The left likes to speculate that Chris Kyle lied about his deeds, even though we have documented proof that his kills are confirmed. They are scrambling to find cover for Brian Williams’ wreck of a career, because he has the exact opposite. If you think of Chris Kyle as a symbol for all of our men and women, his most successful mission might have been to drag the real hatred and vitriol toward our military out of the modern American left. And through his piercing in this veil, we see the real depths of Brian Williams’ pathetic lies and even more pathetic attempts at a cover-up. Just consider Brian Williams’ career Chris Kyle’s last kill.