If you know friends and family here, tell them to vote early. I don’t know how to post a video here, but there is a report on a Fox station predicting Colorado to be the “Florida” of this election.

Mine and my husband’s personal experience this week proves this to be true — there are problems. When I went to vote they told me my registration was cancelled and said I had moved even though they didn’t show the paperwork documenting that and no registration in another county. I was able to fill out paperwork and be reinstated — thank goodness!! When my husband went yesterday, his name showed up but no valid address (it’s the same as mine!) and the computer wouldn’t recognize our address, so he was given a mail-in ballot to fill out and bring back because he had to get on to work.

This will be a nightmare on election day with people finding this out and possibly not being able to vote because of lots of others suspiciously showing up with the same problem. I don’t have a clue about why there is this problem — one can only guess!! I see it as the opposite of lots of dead people being able to vote — those who have been legitmately registered and find out they are no longer, well — it’s election day and were swamped, sorry! And, then way less votes for McCain/Palin. Hmmmmmm, how convenient…

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