Cheney Speaks Truth to Idiots

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is smart, articulate, and knows his stuff. I still remember the two Vice Presidential debates in which he participated. With his straight forward, quick witted, no-nonsense debating style he easily won these debates with opponents Joe Lieberman and John Edwards. The fact that the Main Stream Media scored it different is proof of their bias, and their fears.


And now Mr. Cheney is taking on President Obama. A review of the two speeches last week that has everyone abuzz reveals the former Vice President is someone who can still maintain command of an audience with articulate oratory while the President is aloof and naïve and has to rely on teleprompters to be effective. I scored it Cheney 1 and Obama 0.


As a Republican, it’s our miss fortune that Dick Cheney never ran for President. He would have been a great one. Thank God, though, he’s still center stage in the public debate surrounding national security and the issues that confront us today. Right now, America can use a man with Dick Cheney’s talents—he speaks truth to idiots.


Jeff Jorgensen

Treynor, IA