If You Attended a Tea Party and You Think Your Not Now Being Watched, Think Again

The Department of Homeland Security has a corporate IP address of and is located in Springfield, Virginia—area code 703. The coordinates of this location are latitude 38.7438, longitude -77.2333. How do I know this? Well, let me give you a little background information and then we’ll connect the dots.


I have a web site I use to sell a product that I invented and patented. The product is basically an educational tool. My biggest market is college students enrolled in a technical or engineering program. I also sell this product through an association of college bookstores. As an educational tool, my product is totally 100% guaranteed harmless. If you Google my name and the words “graph paper”, you’ll find my web site.


On April 15th I attended the Council Bluffs, IA “Tea Party” Tax Day protest. I emailed the event organizer the day before that I would be attending the “Tea Party”, along with several fellow co-workers. I got the organizers name and email address through the website theglennbeck912project.com. I was a little hesitant to go at first since I’m not one for protesting, but in the final analysis it was a wonderful experience.


Enough with the background, now let’s connect the dots. On April 18th, two days after the tea party protests, I was checking traffic on my website. I always do reverse IP traces on major hits to see where they are originating so I can evaluate the effectiveness of my marketing strategy. As I checked one particular large hit, I was stunned to see the following on my screen,



ISP:                              Department of Homeland Security

Organization:                Department of Homeland Security

Type:                            Corporate

Country:                       United States

State/Region:                VA

City:                             Springfield

Latitude:                       38.7438

Longitude:                    -77.2333

Area Code:                  703


When I told my wife about my find, she seemed to dismiss it and suggested that they may have been interested in making a purchase. I checked my PayPal account and noted no orders had been processed that day for the Department of Homeland Security. Is this just a coincidence? The answer is NO. My full name is not on my website. Someone had to actively search to make the connection.


I am a Marine Corp veteran, I do practice my religious faith, I do own a shotgun, and I did attend the Council Bluffs, IA “Tea Party” on April 15th. Now I feel I am on the Department of Homeland Security’s watch list of possible terrorists. They appear to have been monitoring the emails of the Tea Party contact organizers. Who and what else are they monitoring?


These are the facts; I’ll leave it up to you to decide what actions you may want to take if you attended a tea party. As for me, I’ve already contacted my congressman to vehemently lodge my complaint.


Jeff Jorgensen

Treynor, IA