A Rebuttal to the Rebuttal of Gay Marriage

This is in response to the April 20th rebuttal to my April 15th letter to the Omaha World-Herald’s Public Pulse railing against gay marriage in Iowa.


Dear Sir:


I don’t care what two or more people do behind closed doors. It does not concern me. What I am tired of, though, is gay activists continually shoving the gay agenda down my throat.


It is now legal for gay couples to marry in Iowa. This came about not by majority vote or popular demand, but by seven un-elected Iowa Supreme Court judges. The Democratic controlled Iowa legislature refuses to allow a popular vote on this issue. In other words, the Iowa legislature is now stepping on my personal faith, trashing my religious values, and denying me a chance to voice my opposition.


I don’t accept homosexuality as a norm to be promoted in schools and protected by special legislation—it is a sin. I prefer schools teach reading and writing, not sexual preferences and alternative lifestyles. I prefer we all be equal under the law, not some being more equal than others. If two or more homosexuals want to form a civil union or unions, far be it from me to stop them. Just don’t call it marriage and force me to recognize their sin.


Jeff Jorgensen

Treynor, Iowa