How ‘Bout Those Ultra-Liberal Iowa Democrats and Gay Marriage

What is it about Iowa Democrats that they tend toward ultra-liberalism? I recently ran into an old high school classmate of mine, a staunch Democrat whose uncle was a very prominent Democratic state senator. The talk quickly turned to politics and the current State Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage.


I told her I thought homosexuality was deviant, perverted sexual behavior. I also said it was a sin. She immediately took umbrage with my statement and said I was being a judgmental religious zealot on this issue. I then asked if she whole-heartedly approved of same sex marriage, what other marital unions would she approve.


Would she approve of a brother and sister getting married? With disgust, she said no. Why, for genetic reasons and the effects of inbreeding. OK, how about two brothers getting married, or two sisters? How about multiple people getting married, or a man marrying his dog? Would she approve of these unions? She didn’t say a word, but the look of disdain on her face told me the conversation was over. As she turned and walked away, I gleefully said with a stern rebuke, “Look who’s being judgmental now.”


Marriage is between a man and a woman. It is not sanctified by the state, it is sanctified by God. No man-made law or social mores is going to change that. Once a society takes the right of sanctifying marriage away from God and assumes that right for itself, that society quickly devolves into decadence and chaos—which seems to be the order of the day for today’s Democratic Party.




Jeff Jorgensen