Stimulus Comes to Iowa in the Form of Tree Trimming

Stimulus money already appears to be working its way down to the local level in Iowa. How do I know this? A friend of mine, a soil conservationist with the USDA, had four days to come up with a plan to spend 1.6 million dollars, and spend it fast. His plan—trimming trees. Yes, the stimulus we are all counting on to lift our economy out of the abyss and propel us to new heights of economic prosperity now includes tree haircuts as a priority.


If you multiply this scenario by the hundreds of thousands, you get an idea of the enormous logistics problem government bureaucrats are having with the stimulus plan. They need to become “super” creative in finding ways to spend hundreds of billions of  dollars. Not that they have a problem with spending. The “double” whammy is they are now required to find ways to spend more money, and spend it faster.


We are putting our future, and our country, at risk with this kind of spending. It appears as more money is spent (wasted) on countless bailouts and economic stimulus plans, less money will be spent on national defense priorities. I have no doubt hostile governments are already assessing these new opportunities and developing plans of their own, waiting for events to happen that will advance their cause. Before long, they will be putting these plans into action, and they too will be moving at a faster pace.


For me, there is no doubt about the outcome if we continue on our current path. We are headed for a downfall of historic proportions. Future historians will inevitably compare America’s last days with that of the Roman Empire, and the debate will be whether America’s final destruction originated from internal forces within the “Great Society” or external forces from without. In my opinion, it was both.  

Jeff Jorgensen