What the Future is Telling Us About the Next Four Years

As spiritual beings, we all have the ability to peer into the future. We get that sense of future events not by contemplating the secular outcome of current world events, but by envisioning the outcome of world events as they are revealed to us in our spiritual quest. As spiritual beings, God has allowed us entry into the higher plane of “spiritual” reality, a place where creativity originates, imagination flows, and ideas are born to bear fruit in the real world. It is also the place where the future plays out.


My current sense of the future does not bode well for the Obama agenda. For instance, I do not have a sense of excitement and confidence about the so-called stimulus package recently passed by Congress. I do have a sense of anxiety and pessimism. I sense we are not on the road to recovery, but on a dead end road headed for a washed out bridge. Whatever road we’re on, Obama has indicated that the road will be long and arduous, and that more stimuli (spending) may (will) be needed to keep us heading in the right direction.  


My instinct for economic survival and my lifetime of experience concurs with my spiritual sense of anxiety and pessimism—we are not heading in the right direction. That still small voice keeps sounding the alarm in my ear, “You can’t spend your way to prosperity”. Deep down inside most Democrats sense it, for they too hear that still small voice. They just deny what their spiritual sense is telling them.


Obama hasn’t been in office a month, but already his proposed policy initiatives are causing great consternation. Millions of Americans are sensing the pending chaos and calamity on our economic prosperity, national security, and the American way of life. The great advantage to sensing “spiritual” reality is that it doesn’t have to become real. God gives us the ability to peer into the future so that we may change course, if need be, to arrive safely at our destination. The course of pending chaos and calamity need not be our future if we all raise our voices and sound the alarm.


Jeff Jorgensen