Make-Work Jobs vs. REAL Jobs

In regards to George’s interview with Michael Steele on Sunday’s “This Week with George Stenphanopoulos”, I can’t believe George does not know the difference between make-work jobs and REAL jobs. He seems to think a job is a job—as long as it pays.  “HEY! George, your liberal credentials are showing.” Now I’m not as smart as George, but I do know the difference. “So George, let me help you out on this.”  


Make-work jobs are jobs given to people as payback for political considerations. Usually it’s unions or government entities that create make-work jobs. These jobs are for the most part menial, and may or may not require the job holder to actually report for work. These types of jobs last as long as the political considerations that created them are relevant to the political climate. Also, these jobs are most likely public sector funded and supported; in other words—THESE JOBS ARE PAID BY THE TAXPAYER.


Real jobs are created by free market forces, the result of economic growth, expanding markets, and a stable economy. Real jobs are relevant to the market forces that created them, such as business investment, business expansion, and research and development. These types of jobs last as long as free market forces require them. In a free market economy with a sensible tax structure, an educated work force, and incentives for investment, these jobs are very secure and long lasting. Also, these jobs are almost exclusively private sector funded and supported; in other words—THESE JOBS CREATE TAXPAYERS.


In a nut shell, George, that is the difference. The next time you interview someone, and the subject of jobs comes up, you can now have an intelligent conversation with that person—and not look like a liberal buffoon.


Jeff Jorgensen