Obama is Weak—and Our Enemies Know It

What was vaguely referenced during the presidential campaign, took only two weeks to fully emerge. America is witnessing the total Carter-esk transformation of Barrack Obama. One need only glance over the recent headlines to realize the extent of Obama’s, arrogance, hypocrisy and inexperience. Obama’s missteps are glaring, and they are dangerous.


With Obama at the helm, America appears to be heading for the cliff. If inexperience continues to govern, and incompetence continues to prevail on foreign policy and economic issues, there is no guarantee America can stop short of the cliff. Momentum is a dangerous thing to amass when one is heading for a cliff—but gaining momentum we are.


It has been a long and grueling first two weeks for President Obama, but in this time I have gained a presidential perception of our 44th President. Obama’s interview with Al-Arabiya best illuminates this presidential perception of mine. The perception is this—Obama is weak. I know it, and now our enemies know it too.


Jeff Jorgensen

[email protected]