Next Target in the Obama Crosshairs—the U.S. Defense Budget (Updated Version)

When your ideological opponent is Obama and the liberal body politic, it isn’t hard to predict the next move on the Chess board. With passage of the House Stimulus Bill, the Senate will be next to vote on the measure. And vote they will, leaving the house bill largely in tact, and the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Stimulus Bill becoming law. Soon after, more spending bills will be passed with the help of herd mentality, and the public will be aghast by the Godzilla-like spending measures and huge deficit increases.  And just like Godzilla the movie, the public outcry will be to kill the beast before it eats everyone alive.   


And that, my friends, is the objective of the Obama multitude. For that is when the next target in the liberal crosshairs comes into view—the U.S. defense budget. And decimate that, they will—or try. You see, if the libs succeed in obliterating this target, they will have achieved Nirvana—and left us helpless. All of this is, of course, speculation. But this is speculation based on intuition. And since my intuition is on loan from God, my intuition has been batting a thousand.

Post Update:(http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/01/30/defense-official-obama-calling-defense-budget-cuts/ )

Jeff Jorgensen

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