The True Character—and Character Flaws—of Obama

A friend of mine confessed to me he voted for Barrack Obama because George Bush was such a terrible public speaker. According to my friend, Bush’s oratory was so horrendous he irreparably damaged his presidency, and decimated the image of the United States of America. My friend wanted a president who could speak in public with confidence, clarity, and conviction.


I, on the other hand, voted for John McCain because I couldn’t vote for George Bush a third time. I think actions speak louder than words, and in my opinion, Bush’s actions spoke louder than his words when it came to the important issue of defending this country. I felt John McCain had that same quality. In about six months we should know who was right, me or my friend.   


Time has a way of revealing the character flaws of a new president, and President Obama appears to have a few. First, my friend thinks Obama’s cool, calm, and collected. That’s not a bad thing. I happen to believe Obama’s cold and calculating, and that’s not a good thing. Being cold and calculating leaves no room for humility or humanity. A president must be able to shed a few tears once in a while. Tears show both humility and humanity; to date, Obama has shown neither.  


Second, my friend thinks Obama is a sophisticated intellectual, and after eight years of cowboy Bush, we need intellect and sophistication in the White House. I happen to believe Obama’s an elitist snob. He won the election; he also reminds people he won the election. I don’t recall George Bush ever putting out that reminder at a bipartisan congressional gathering. Come to think about it, I don’t ever remember a president with as much memorabilia for sale, as much 24/7 news coverage, and as many documentaries about themselves as Barrack Obama, the 44th President of the United States.


Third, Obama has a temper, and we have caught a glimpse if it thanks to Joe Biden. Now having a temper is not necessarily a bad thing. I feel presidents need a temper. They can use it as a tool to advance their political agenda. The problem lies in the agenda President Obama wants to advance. This agenda includes the explosive temper leaden issues of abortion, same-sex marriage, higher taxes, and redistribution of wealth. Overlay this with the current economic crisis and I see a no-win situation for any bipartisan effort to save America. Obama’s temperamental breaking point will be tested within the next six months. We’ll all be waiting to see how well he fares.      


I believe the cracks in the Obama facade are already starting to show. It shouldn’t take more than six months to get a comprehensive picture of the true character of our 44th President, and get a sense of his true vision for this country. In many ways, I hope I’m wrong. We face enough problems as a nation. But, I don’t see things turning out for the better. I see a Jimmy Carter ending, complete with economic chaos, national insecurity, and a diminished presence on the world stage. If I’m wrong, we’ll all be better off. But if I’m right, take to heart Proverbs 16:18-19,      


“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.”


Jeff Jorgensen

[email protected]