If Times are so Tough, Why Not Eliminate the Minimum Wage?

These can’t be hard times we’re facing. If they were, congress and the President would be working overtime to address the problem. They would be passing legislation that would create incentives for investment, stimulate job growth, and grow the private sector economy. Instead, they’re poised to pass legislation that only grows the public sector economy—the government; and we all know that a growing government is proof of a growing economy.


If these were hard times, congress would eliminate or temporarily suspend the minimum wage. This would help thousands of college kids find the summer jobs they need to help pay for college tuition. Also, by eliminating the government mandated minimum wage, people about to lose their jobs might be able to keep working for less money. I’m sure people would rather work for half a wage then stand in a breadline with no job at all. The fact that congress is not even considering, let alone debating, this idea tells me times can’t be that tough.  


Or better yet, let’s save the 700 billion dollars a year we spend on foreign oil. Let’s drill for our own oil and harness our own energy resources. Wouldn’t that create jobs? Wouldn’t that grow the economy? Let’s see, we keep the 700 billion dollars a year we spend on foreign oil, we create tens of thousands of new high paying jobs, Uncle Sam gets millions and millions of dollars of new tax revenue…nah, that would be too easy. If it was that easy, some high minded, Harvard educated politician would have thought of it by now.


That’s why, in my opinion, times aren’t so tough. If these were tough times, congress and the President would be putting the health of the economy above political ideology. Instead, they’re putting political ideology above everything else. 


Jeff Jorgensen

[email protected]