The Time to Re-Group is Over—Let’s Roll!

Same-sex marriage, socialized medicine, gay rights, legal rights for Gitmo prisoners/illegal immigrants/illegal combatants, partial-birth abortion made legal, talk radio/public prayer/In God We Trust made illegal, gays allowed in the service, straights leave the service.


Smaller cars, higher gas prices, no SUV’s, bankrupt car companies, more solar power, no nuclear power, more wind power, no coal power, no drilling, larger trade deficits with Saudi Arabia/Iran/Venezuela, cap and trade made law, higher energy prices, less energy produced in the U.S., more green house gases produced and energy consumed in China/India/third world countries.


Less money spent on missile defense, more chance of a nuclear strike, less money spent on national defense, more chance of another 9/11, all diplomacy and no threat of military action in troubled regions, less chance of peace in troubled regions, military action taken off the table, Iran acquires the nuke.        


Higher income taxes, bigger government, higher corporate taxes, more American jobs move overseas, more government intrusion, less liberty, more government bailouts/handouts/welfare, less responsible government/responsible citizens/stable economy, trillion dollar deficits, trillions of dollars added to the national debt for our great-great-great-grandkids to pay, four years of Democratic control, four years of economic recession/depression/stagflation/malaise—


These are the realities we face if we stay cowered in the corner. For those of us conservatives still standing, the time to re-group is over. Let’s ROLL!


Jeff Jorgensen

[email protected]