The First Hundred Days

Forget the crystal balls, tea leaves, tarot cards, and Ouija boards. To get a preview of the first one-hundred days of an Obama administration simply tune in to the first fifteen minutes of ABC’s hit show Supernanny.


The show, now in its fifth season, is all about snot nosed, self-centered, spoiled rotten, brats who demand their way or else. The show is also about the soft-spoken, weak-kneed, linguini spine parents who are trying to cope with their dysfunctional family. Each episode ends with the Supernanny injecting a regimen of parental discipline and sensible advice that, in the end, saves the day and allows a dysfunctional family to become functional again.


Now, substitute snot nosed, self-centered, spoiled rotten, brats with snot nosed, self-centered, spoiled rotten, Democratic Party contingencies and…well, you get the picture. With Obama’s inauguration, the stage is now set. Democratic Party contingencies are lining up fast, clamoring for the biggest government intervention and give-a-way in our nations’ history       


If President Obama is to have any hope of success in the next four years, he needs to acquire the parenting skills of the Supernanny. He must set the boundaries of fiscal responsibility. He must address the critical issues we now face with rational, common sense solutions. Above all, he must learn to say “NO” to the multitudes demanding from government what they themselves can better provide. Anything less, I fear, will lead to battered parent syndrome—or in this case battered president syndrome.


Jeff Jorgensen

[email protected]