A Letter From Harrisburg, PA

Dear Redstaters,


I write to you in order to bring you a status report from the battlefield. When not advocating for a specific candidate or issue, I spend a majority of my time reaching out to various elements of the black community. I confront the lefts immoral, racist narrative wherever it shows. I study the opposition and their goals, ideology and methods. I cannot presume to speak for all segments of the population. Aside from my family, I focus my efforts on the young and the college educated. As a new Christian, I lack the positioning or the network to reach out to the faith community with any effectiveness. I can only report trends that I have been exposed to over the years in a hope to put together some sort of long term strategy. The news is this: we are losing. We are losing badly. Things do not look good for conservatism here in the trenches. I am sure that you could guess that much. However, things are much worse than I believed going in.

I take you back in time three years. It is the winter of 2013 and we just suffered a decisive loss to Barack Obama that November. The Obama coalition seemed like an undefeatable juggernaut that would only get more powerful as time went on if we did not make a dent. I made it my personal mission to do everything I can voter by voter and issue by issue to make gains. I believed that there were natural conservatives in the black community complete with an untapped well of shared values that would lead the cause to victory. I thought that my barrage of logical, historical, and moral arguments would convert people left and right. The naivety of youth.

Now it is February of 2016 and the word of this Black History Month is “dissimilation”. There will be more on that later. The population appears to be split into three categories: the indifferent, the left, and the far left. The indifferent are the easiest to reach here, although, I can still count those whom I have made progress with on one hand. They are also fortunately a majority. They are those who do not care and do not pay attention. They lack the loyalty to the left of the other two segments. The standard run of the mill leftists, like my mother, are a bit more difficult. She works with Katie O’Malley, is a true collectivist in her heart of hearts and her entire view of conservatives and republicans is informed by the media and her interactions with her eldest son whom she believes is a racist. You read that correctly.

Speaking of racists, that brings me to the far left segment of the population. I am not talking about the Neo-Marxist in the BLM crowd. They fall into the mainstream left these days. I am talking about those who have already reached the ideological conclusion of the BLM crowd. Black Nationalists are a small minority of extremely vocal leftists that is growing by the year and bleeding their ideology into the mainstream. Much like White Nationalists, they almost sound like conservatives when you begin to talk to them. In fact, they sound exactly like they belong on stormfront complete with the anti-Semitism. That brings me back to dissimilation. When someone immigrates to America, they slowly leave behind their old culture and embrace the new one. As much of the guilt for the arrested development of black Americans can be laid at the feet of these people and their influence as it can the Democrat Party. The phenomenon of dissimilation is the result of the resentment felt by blacks upon learning of the atrocities that occurred early in this nation’s history, specifically, the lost culture of the African slave upon reaching the Americas. This causes them to reach out to their roots in search of belonging. The slave masters were pretty good at what they did. As a result, that search often comes up empty. What happens when a collectivist American that doesn’t feel American begins a futile search for the culture of their ancestors? They, in the words of our esteemed president, bitterly cling to their race. They look to the history of the Moors and the Egyptians as a source of racial pride and self-esteem. They cast off every aspect of traditional American culture that they can stand to and resist western civilization at every turn. Their goal is to reverse the process of forced assimilation by willingly regressing into the same barbaric way of thinking that caused the very events that lead them to resent western civilization in the first place. It is a tragic irony that breaks my heart.  As mentioned earlier, they are fortunately a minority; however, their ideals are becoming more palatable to the mainstream left year after year and issue after issue. Although they have a healthy distrust of the government and the democrat party, collectivists will be collectivists. They chant about “group economics”, “black supremacy” and push a narrative that MLK’s dream is both unattainable and undesirable.  The evidence of this kind of thinking becoming normalized can be seen in many of the dust ups that occurred on college campuses this past year. Integration to become one people is no longer the goal. They endorse the idea of segregation now and segregation forever with their demands for black only safe spaces. Blacks can only be safe around blacks. Blacks can only be understood by blacks. By internalizing their feeling like an “other” along with their collectivist influences, you have a recipe for an expanding, intentionally, dangerously un-American segment of the black population.

But there is good news. The fight is still worth fighting and we can still win. We can win this because we are not liberals. We do not view people in the boxes of demographics as if they are a monolith. We view people as individuals. I am all the evidence that I need to keep going. For me, Black History Month is not for exalting blackness or shaming America for early sins. It is for exalting America as an exceptional, one of a kind civilization where a man could be born a slave, but he can die a scientist, a businessman, an orator, or a politician. I use Black History Month as an opportunity where people are listening and I can look at my fellow Americans and show them they the story of this great nation is their story too. It is an opportunity to show them that they are indeed Americans and that their blood runs deep in this soil. To show them not search for pride in the actions of others but in the culture and shared values of family, faith, freedom, and self-determination that produces greatness unlike anything the world has ever seen. I write this to say, with all due respect, we still need black history month. I say with the utmost confidence. We will win. Truth wins in the end. We will beat back the tide of racism and liberalism. We will have a united America where a man is judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin. As long as I breathe, I will fight to make my vision a reality. For the cause. For the Republic!

In Liberty,

Jordan P.