An Open Letter to Kathleen Parker


It is a sad day when someone who I use to think of as a talented writer has to resort to snarky, smug posturing when describing people of faith and their supposed bad influence on the Republican Party.

You talk about the “evangelical, right-wing, oogedy-boogedy branch of the GOP” as though we are some strange breed of jungle animals (“gorilla in the pulpit”) that need to be anthropologically weighed, examined and found wanting, in order to facilitate our eviction from the party.

It is people like yourself–the so-called “intelligensia”– who serve to reduce much needed discourse of faith and politics to stereotypes and name-calling. You can’t even manage to differentiate the belief systems among varying Christian faiths. Using silly asides like “bathing in holy water” in an attempt to be clever, when it only reinforces your ignorance. Catholics, who use and apply holy water, are not evangelicals—they only share with evangelicals the same faith in the G-O-D you not-so-cleverly mock.

As far as this black, Christian conservative is concerned, you and your ilk are the ones that should be evicted from the party. You are as elitist and divisive as the other party, reducing thinking individuals to stereotypes that you can classify, use and dismiss with your quasi-intellectual meanderings and a stroke of the pen. It would be wonderful if your purported “marginalization” of the party results in you moving across the aisle where you belong.