Look for the Silver Lining

I had a quasi-sleepless night, going to bed at 10:00 pm when it was pretty much determined that McCain had lost and Obama had won. I woke up at 2:00 am, and did my usual insomniac meanderings, as I mulled over what we had to look forward to over the next four years of an Obama presidency. Lots of dark clouds, but I managed to dredge a few silver linings. Here are my top three:1. We can no longer cry that America is a racist nation. Obama’s ascension to the Presidency should have now effectively eliminated the grounds for any argument that America has to pay for its racist past. As a black female, I have determined that the next person that tries to play this, or tells me I should be concerned about a racist agenda, will be roundly put in their place.

Come January 20, 2009 he’ll be installed; so let me be the first to say get over it.

  1. Conservatism can only get stronger.
    Palin was proof for me that the conservative movement is alive and well, and the further we separate ourselves from all the supposed Republican elites and moderates who feel it needs to be “redefined” the better off we’ll be. Where a socially conservative measure was on the ballot, it won handily, despite an Obama win. This gives me hope that we can continue to defend conservatism at the grassroots, and allow it to continue to pollinate the rest of the nation. Once the old tired guard dies or is elected off, we have the Palins and the Jindals, ready to take their place. And stemming the tide against a leftist government can only sharpen us and make us more effective.

  2. Liberalism always implodes on itself.
    We saw it after four years of Carter, and after eight years of Clinton. If they don’t manage to overreach, then they’ll eat each other alive in their quest for absolute power. While holding prayers for our nation to overcome this setback, I’m also just sitting back to watch the meltdown and find ways to support agendas and candidates that will give conservatism a new foothold.

My goals for 2009-2010: Work to get Antonio Villaraigosa and Arnold Schwarzeneggar out of office, and do what I can to help divest Los Angeles and California from its unchecked liberalism and get it back on a conservative footing. That’s hope and change I can believe in.