McCain Handles The Important Issues Right

John McCain clearly has the really important interest of Americans and others as the key purpose of his presidency. I am a professional on renewable energy, I owned a solar power installation business, we all know that is one of the most important issues for people in the USA and around the globe. McCain has given great care and time to consider this issue and find solutions for our energy needs. Without energy we would fall back toward chopping wood and the flint-stones. McCain is very experienced in state defense, and valuable principles for young and old, his family all demonstrate that they are highly intellectual people who care about the world and America. I am personally looking at some of the books John McCain has written, they are very valuable positive guides for people. I am impressed. I could not see voting for any other candidate.

Also I am a religious person, and I consider Baptists to be a very fair group, John McCain is Baptist. These are some very God respecting and Bible reading people. So on that note as well, John McCain is a great candidate. With the problems that exist with some religious people, we really need a balanced president like McCain with fair religious beliefs. I think the 10 commandments are great, most people do, as well as Baptists. People of different religions should get along, and McCain demonstrates that he has stood for good religious views and unity of Americans.

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