In spite of the Super Bowl, good things are happening here in Arizona

Funny….in many of his now-tired speeches, Barry has been fond of saying that “we are not red states, or blue states, but the United States of America!” Except when it comes to the Super Bowl, I guess.

Obama told us all this week that he’d be rooting for the Steelers–from his beloved blue state Pennsylvania–over those upstart red state Arizona Cardinals. Fine with me; he took Janet Napolitano off our hands, so the less he has to do with our state the better. But it’s the first time I can remember a President coming out to choose sides, when his home state wasn’t home to one of the teams. Of course, by the time the game is over, he’ll probably try to tell us that he lived in Pennsylvania at some point……along with Hawaii, Indonesia, Illinois, and a score of other places he’s called home at some point. Whatever.

In the meantime, our great new Governor Jan Brewer is working aggressively to clean up the mess left by her slob of a predecessor, Janet Napolitano. Gov. Brewer signed off Friday on $580 million in spending cuts, including $284 million in wasteful education spending. As the Democrat leaders in the Assembly squealed like stuck pigs, Gov. Brewer maintained a professional and businesslike approach througout: “There’s been a dramatic expansion of government in the last five years, which is unsustainable.”

In other words, instead of wailing about the mess left by her predecessor, Gov. Brewer went right to work (she’s been in office less than two weeks) and made the tough decisions. While Arizona has been hard hit by the economic slowdown, we now have leadership that is making the tough calls, and leading. Perhaps yet more proof that the leadership in our party may well come from our Governors, who are providing the managerial skills and leadership so sorely lacking in the Executive Branch at the federal level.